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What to consider when evaluating Realla and Agency Pilot

Realla is an enquiry generation machine


“The Realla portal and microsites help us better market our buildings online” - Matthew Jones, Associate Director, CBRE

A few facts about Realla:

  • Born in 2015: modern, mobile first software
  • Built to generate more enquiries and process deals fast
  • Sophisticated marketing tools including Microsite, PDF and email campaigns
  • Outward facing tool with slick client reporting
  • Investing £1 million per annum to further develop software
  • Available on: Web/ iOS/ Android for on-the-go usage

When you create and publish a marketing campaign with Realla, your listing automatically becomes a premium listing on our commercial property portal. A premium listing will boost your property to the top of our search pages so tenants/investors can find your property easier.

realla-portaljpg-1 The Realla portal has over 100,000 tenant/investor unique visitors per month.

Our set of software tools are designed to help you generate leads - from the quality of the outputs, digital tracking, follow-up alerts and analytics.

While both Agency Pilot and Realla help you to manage and run your business, the Realla portal also generates more enquiries.

Ease of use & Support

“Realla is a great site in terms of managing a lot of data / fields while keeping the user experience clean and easy” - Disrupt Property.

Ease of use: Realla is modern, simple and intuitive, with our customers adopting the software quickly and valuing it as a critical part of their day-to-day work. The Realla product design team use regular feedback sessions and usage data to enhance the offering. The head of design at Realla previously worked for major brands like Burberry and Nike.

Support: You can get in touch via email or phone for full support with both Realla and Agency Pilot. Realla offers a live chat service and a whole website dedicated to support articles written by our dedicated customer support team - our business thrives on customer support excellence.

Marketing outputs

“The quality of the marketing particulars that we produce is excellent” - Michael Davis, Director, JLL.

Save time: With Realla, agents are able to create a microsite, PDF and email campaign all in under 30 minutes, and the collateral has become a mark of quality in the marketplace (see below). Realla is investing heavily in offering multiple templates per building which will take marketing capability to the next level.


Impress your client: Not only are Realla microsites fast to load and look beautiful, they also have built-in SEO to boost your ranking on Google.

Optimised for mobile: According to our data, over 49% of tenant and investors are searching for a property via mobile or tablet. Realla’s site has been designed and optimised to provide the best experience for mobile users. We also have native iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android apps so agents can create and publish on the go.

Client reporting

“Marketing and reporting to clients was a painfully slow process before we adopted Realla. We have benefited from efficiency gains and delighted our clients in using Realla” - Jake Halstead, Director, Ingleby Trice

Realla allows you to match enquiries to your disposals, and can offer “client ready” snapshots of activity. Born from the reporting requirements of London’s institutional landlords, our advanced interest schedule function is built to make scheduling follow-ups and recording activities easy. But crucially there’s no more time wasted tidying the list into a Word document ahead of a monthly client meeting. Simply one click to export the schedule to Excel, or look like a tech legend by proudly inviting your client into your latest software tool, to view live for no extra cost.

Track performance: Both systems allow you to syndicate your property to third-party portals directly, but only Realla allows you to track and closely monitor how your marketing campaign is performing with our analytics pages.


Future investment

“We have an ambitious roadmap for Realla as we focus deeper on marketing and transaction efficiency. This is reflected in our technology approach and size, with an ever growing team of high calibre developers” - Ian Parry, Co-founder, Realla

Realla is constantly evolving. Using our software means you are along for the ride as we invest over £1 million per year to build a world class software system to bring agents, landlords and tenants together online, for the first time.

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