The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Unearth some new enquiries

By Matt Glenny, Director at Realla, previously an office agent at JLL in London

We often get asked by our clients how to increase the exposure of their property using the Realla toolset, so we thought we’d jot down a few ideas which will get the property out there - without breaking the bank.

By properly leveraging you and your organisation’s digital networks, you will generate more leads than using traditional analogue methods.

In addition to free email, social and SEO channels, we’d always recommend listing on portals - Realla links directly to Zoopla and Rightmove, as well as our own search engine at

The guiding principle: send it everywhere you can, then track the results, learn and iterate. Realla tracks page views closely, so that over time you can optimise your ability to generate leads online.

To build your digital presence more thoroughly, download our guide to digital marketing for commercial real estate.

We hope you find this useful - happy hunting!

1) Email campaigns

A well timed, tracked email to your most likely target audiences is the best way to get new enquiries in! A list of local agents and local occupiers is clearly prime territory.

We strongly suggest buying a local occupier list to go alongside the usual agent circular. Use our emailing tool to get a tracked email campaign out, but remember that agents are some of the most spammed people in the UK methodology is important.

Follow our guidelines to maximise qualified leads from your email campaigns - then lock your grad up in a room (preferably air conditioned) to follow them all up. Anything less is not enough!


2) Social media

Free Social Media

Use Realla to share the property to your personal network on LinkedIn and insist that colleagues in your agency team share your post! There is no harm in doing this once a month during a campaign. This is a regular source of leads for our clients - with a focussed network, you never know who you might catch unawares. Even Twitter can be powerful, so if you’ve built a network - make use of it!

Write a LinkedIn blog about the project - anything remarkable about it, interesting history, pioneering construction techniques, previous uses or occupiers - what cool businesses are there now, who has moved recently etc - and get it out there. Get your colleagues to share it, get your agency twitter feed to share it, get everyone to share it!

Paid Social Media

If your client has the appetite, then a LinkedIn advertising campaign could be very interesting for your property - you can create an advert for a very targeted audience - say businesses in Central Manchester of 15-50 employees. Linkback to your microsite and track the results.

It's a very good way to get in front of tenants direct - this methodology is in early stages of adoption by commercial agents - but increasingly well used in the residential market.

3) SEO in property marketing


Inserting keywords into your marketing material can help improve your search engine optimisation. Users search Google for words and phrases, and if your site is well optimised it will help your page to turn up in the results.

Once your page is optimised, use words that people are likely to search. For example if the property is in Angel, repeat "office space", "Angel" and "office space in Angel" as many times as you can without ruining the flow of the text. If it’s “dog-friendly office space in Angel”, the unusual description will be more likely to be a hit with people searching Google for something really specific.

Link Building

Link back to all your microsites from your agency website - and vice versa. Backlink from all your social media channels. Over time, this will reinforce both pages’ SEO.

We hope this gives you a few ideas - it is not an exact science, but all the tools are in Realla to run and track these campaigns so that by the end of it you'll know what has worked. As long, that is, as you track the lead source of everyone on your interest schedule. You can use Realla to do this too.

Any questions, give me a call, on 020 3151 0171