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Realla success stories - Colliers City Fringe

Realla is a sophisticated digital marketing platform for Commercial Real Estate. Our focus is to help commercial real estate businesses adopt next-generation marketing tools to optimise speed to market and lead generation. By tracking campaigns end to end our clients are building online expertise which allows them to engage with customers at the early stages of their buying journey.

Our solution offers the ability to present all media types (including video, virtual walkthrough and VR) within a slick marketing microsite. Over the next few weeks we will share five agents that rock the Realla platform, our first is Colliers City Fringe.

Colliers City Fringe has long recognised that high-quality marketing materials improve the quality and quantity of leads to their agency. They know that online searchers are hungry for engaging, interactive content - with 74% of online media being consumed in video form in 2017.  As one of the early adopters of virtual walkthroughs and video tours, they work to improve the consumer experience on their site - and pre-qualify leads to improve the quality of their viewings.

Twitter and Facebook are used for every deal, and they track page views using Realla to demonstrate which of their marketing channels are most valuable. Some of their properties see over ten times the page views from full online campaigns vs their email blasts to agent clubs.

See how Colliers use Realla to incorporate virtual tours in their marketing collateral.

Colliers City Fringe create engaging online content about the areas they operate in - and the technology sector clients they want to attract to their agency, all distributed through their blog. As one of the major recent success stories in the UK agency world, they know that consistent good practice and innovation yields results. As an early adopter of Realla, they closed two deals in the last quarter from direct inbound leads generated through our search engine  - covering the cost of their licences for years to come!

Interested in how Realla can help you maximise your agency's digital marketing? Get in touch with Matt on +44 7828 729 747 / matt@realla.co.