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Store all your lease details in one place

The Lease Store is a new addition to Realla. This allows you to have a single, searchable database which is designed to help you share comparables and turbocharge your business development. It can be used by agents, valuers, business development and lease advisory teams alike.

With Realla's Lease Store you can:

  • Centralise all your lease data in one place.
  • Record lease details including rent review dates, lease expiries and break options.
  • Collaborate seamlessly across multiple teams to share comparables.
  • Set notifications to remind you when the next business development opportunity is coming up.
  • Access, update and export the data instantly for client reporting.

A step-by-step guide to add a new lease to the Lease Store:

  1. Under the Disposals section, click on 'Lease store'


  1. Click on 'New lease'


  1. Fill in all the relevant fields with the lease details, including future reminders for you and your team


  1. All your lease details are now stored and can be accessed whenever you need them.


  1. Use filters on the left to search your database to identify targets, opportunities and comparables.