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ReallaScore: Quality scoring listings

The quality of your property marketing campaign is crucial to the success of the campaign. Ensuring a commercial property listing is up to scratch is an important part of creating marketing collateral. At Realla, we acknowledged this fact and created a new feature in our toolkit - ReallaRank Score.

The feature analyses and scores a commercial building listing taking into consideration a number of factors such as the length and quality of the description, transport information, asking rent/sale price, size, contact details, quality and volume of photos. All these criteria will help you ensure your listing is easily discoverable via search (SEO - search engine optimisation) and appeals to the audience you’re targeting with your listing.

In time buildings with a high ReallaRank score will also be rewarded on the portal with a boost to their position.


How to take advantage of it?

When creating a new disposal on Realla, simply fill in all the fields with descriptions and building information. When writing a description, try to keep the copy's length at least 150 words long.

To learn more about improving the search ranking of your building listing, check out our blog post.