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Realla success stories – JLL Dubai

JLL’s Dubai office team is a great demonstration of agents leveraging technology to make more money - by driving efficiency and beating their competition to market demand. They are appointed on a multiple agency basis, so they only invoice when they bring interest to the table. Beating their target by 20% in a flat market is testament to a hardworking collaboration between man and machine.

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Toby Hall - Head of office leasing at JLL Dubai: “We now have over 60 office leasing instructions powered by Realla at any one time, listing properties across the Middle East. Being able to send property details on the move via the app is particularly useful for the team, and looks professional versus competitors. We have completed many leasing transactions using Realla which endorses our future investment in the platform.

We have also used the software to systematise the way we work. All requirements are tracked in the system, matched to deals and the activity systematically tracked and actioned. I even now employ a full-time intern to ensure that disposal information is kept up-to-date and to keep the team on their toes re: any dormant requirements - these must be actioned or removed. This means my team spend more time on viewings and on the telephone.

In January 2017, I purchased two 3D cameras from Eyespy360, a Realla integration partner. Now every building we list also includes a virtual tour. It looks professional as well as modern and my gut feel is it helps us pre-qualify potential tenants, reducing time wasted on first viewings. It means we can focus on the important second, third and fourth viewings.

The numbers speak for themselves. In 2016, our first full year using Realla, we beat our revenue target by 20% in a flat market without increasing the number of fee earners on the team. Whilst in part this is down to a superhuman effort on behalf of the team, in part it is also down to ‘technology enabling’ the way we work using Realla.”

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