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New tracking for microsites - phone enquiries

As you might have noticed, in the last few weeks we added a special tracking number to all clients’ microsites. This tracking number allows us to record phone numbers and messages of people who enquire about any of your properties. Their phone number will be recorded as an enquiry under the ‘Enquiry tab’ in your Realla account.


How does it works?

  1. A phone number with a unique code is generated for each microsite. When a user clicks on the button to reveal the full number, the event is sent to Realla Microsite Analytics and the click on the phone number is recorded.


  1. When a users dials the number and enters the code, this call will redirect to all agents who are listed as contacts - once an agent answer, the phone will stop ringing for everyone else.

  2. Tracking numbers allow you to evaluate how your marketing is performing, through enabling a report on the number of calls that you receive

  3. If nobody is available to pick up the phone and a voicemail is left, this will be recorded, emailed to you and also made available via the ‘Enquiries’ section