New Feature: Deeper tracking of your marketing campaign

Realla now offers agents deeper tracking of Microsites to analyse the success of a Marketing Campaign.

Tracking the performance of a marketing campaign is a vital stage that comes once your disposal has been pushed to Marketing channels. it is important to know both; who is looking at your property and what website/source they have arrived from.

The analytics overview page allows agents to closely monitor how their property marketing efforts are performing, which channels are succeeding, and which channels need more focus. For example, you may have 200 visitors to your Microsite from Twitter but only 14 from Linkedin, thus meaning you need to engage with your Linkedin audience more.

When a campaign is going particularly well, you can "follow the bright spots" and learn from them to ensure your future campaigns are just as successful.

If anyone requires any help with understanding their Analytics data or require help setting up their Accounts then please do get in touch.