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Misshapen communications? Marketing in the world of proliferated channels. Finding your way in the digital ecosystem

B2B marketers in the pre-digital era had only a few channels at their disposal.This made the job of choosing where to publish simpler - but reduced the potential impact of their marketing campaigns.

With new technologies emerging rapidly, the media landscape is ever expanding and changing, creating new opportunities for informed, targeted property marketing.

Today the consumer communication ecosystem looks more like in the graphic below (and that’s only the mobile landscape).


With social media, like Facebook, gaining unprecedented influence over consumers’ behaviour and voice controlled devices, like Alexa or Google Home, becoming widespread, marketers are challenged with an incredibly complex mediascape.

Technology not only brought a proliferation of channels but also allowed marketers, for the first time, to measure a target’s interactions with marketing campaigns and assets. At that point, marketers were faced with a new challenge: tracking all contact activities across all channels to obtain a full picture of individual target’s behaviour.

Holistic views of individual customers

Full integration of marketing and sales systems to obtain a holistic view of the individual customer is tricky. It requires the alignment of marketing and sales functions. In the case of landlords and agencies, it might encourage closer collaboration with your commercial property agents. To assess if that approach is for your company, you need to understand its benefits first.

Benefits of having integrated systems and a 360-degree view of your customers include:

  • Ability to accurately attribute deals to the correct marketing channels
  • Establish which channels are driving awareness and which are driving enquiry generation
  • Ability to introduce behaviour-triggered campaigns and customer re-engagement plans
  • Using the results to optimise channel budget and content production
  • Accurately assess ROI for each channel at each level of the sales funnel (target businesses at the initial stages of their search, during viewings and at the final phases of decision making)

Tracking and measuring results

Before you kick off your transformation project and start measuring results, it’s worth establishing the following clear objectives:
  • What data points you want to gather about each contact
  • How you want to use this data (for example, to understand where and how people find property online)
  • Which system the data will be feeding to
  • What adoption rates do you require from your agents’ side?

Having answers to the questions above will prove a good foundation to sketch out the scope of the project.

There are a number of things you might want to track - from basic tracking of open rates and click-through rates to the more sophisticated tracking of all marketing channels in one place.

Below is a screenshot of an example of centralised interest schedule reporting - a dashboard which tracks marketing activities and their results for each building. It can be shared by commercial property agents and landlords to ensure transparency and collaboration between both parties. Using this tool, you can read where tenants have found your properties, by sector, size and location - powerful data for your future campaigns. It could be a great way to start your transformation project.


This tool, available as part of RealBase marketing and database management, allows you to collaborate with your commercial property agents on creating, distributing and measuring results of all property marketing activities.


Future-proofing your marketing

Tracking and measuring results is not only relevant for here and now. Data is gathered for the benefit of future activities and forecasting.

This type of forecasting will help you shape your marketing strategy and budget for future marketing campaigns. It will also provide a greater understanding of your potential tenants’ purchasing and media consumption habits.

Ultimately, you will be able to make better-informed decisions based on data findings. That should lead to generating more enquiries, reducing voids and driving the performance of your portfolio.

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