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Match your disposal with stored requirements

RealBase allows you to instantly match your instructions with your every requirement your agency is tracking, at the click of a button. So whether you’re bringing a new building to market or trying to generate some more viewings, you can send a high quality, tracked email campaign to all your best targets, instantly.

With Realbase, not only can you do this at top speed, but highly effectively, by covering all matched requirements automatically. RealBase ensures you’re making the most of your agency team’s data on every single instruction. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this functionality:

  1. Create a new disposal, or click into an existing campaign. Click “Requirements”.


  1. Here, you will see all the current requirements stored by your agency that match this specific disposal.


  1. Simply, tick the box next to the requirements you want to reply to - or (we suggest!) click select all. Then, click ‘Share’.


  1. From here, you can create a high quality email campaign to send to every matched requirement your team is tracking.


  1. Track the open rates and clicks from these emails.


  1. Get on the phone!


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