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Convince your boss to embrace technology and grow the business [Email template]

Convincing your boss to invest in new software can be tricky. Below you'll find an email template that outlines some of the benefits modern technology brings to commercial property agents and why your boss should consider investing it. Go get it!

Dear {insert the name of your boss}

I’d like to run an idea past you that could help us generate more business. By introducing modern agency software, we could increase efficiency and consequently close more deals across our entire team.

With a lack of proper agency software OR outdated agency software {choose the one that describes your company’s situation best}, the team’s effort is sucked into mundane tasks that detract us from providing the high value services which our clients pay us for.

I have spent some time looking into this and discussed it with the team. The majority feel that we spend too much time on necessary but time consuming admin tasks, much of which can be automated.

It’d be great if you’ll have a look at RealBase. They provide an all-in-one marketing and productivity solution for commercial agents including:

  • Auto-generated microsites, PDF brochures and email campaigns
  • Centralised database of contacts, enquiries and disposals
  • Streamlined processing and management of enquiries
  • Automated client reports

At only £99 per user per month, RealBase is a cost effective way to save hours worth of work per week.

Would you be happy for me to schedule a demo with the RealBase team sometime in the next few weeks? You could see exactly what this software is capable of.

Please let me know if you need any clarification or require a full business case to proceed with a demo?

Best wishes,

{insert your signature}

Download this email template as a word document