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Jazzing up the requirement dashboard

Spring has sprung and we’ve recently released a revamped Requirement dashboard. As is customary in spring, we’ve tidied up the Requirement section by rearranging some of the filters and adding a few extra tabs to make all information accessible with just one or two clicks.

Here is what we’ve changed:

  • Clearer design - we’ve cleaned up the design of the dashboard. We’ve added a few tabs for easier navigation and made rows wider to ensure information is easy to find and read for users.
  • Main filters: All, Mine and Market demand - You can filter by your own requirements with one click on the ‘Mine’ filter tab.
  • Allocated and Unprocessed tabs - we understand efficiency is important; hence we’ve introduced two new tabs. The first one includes all ‘unprocessed’ requirement and the other one shows all requirements that are allocated to a specific user. Unprocessed requirements are these that were logged but no other action was taken. Allocated requirements are those that have been actioned and a matching building has been allocated.
  • Expanded ‘Details section’ - easy access to all essential requirement details. With just one click, you can find out who added the requirement, which location the tenant is considering, when the enquiry was last updated and what the source of the enquiry is.