IPhone App Activity Tracking

We have made a major new release to the iPhone / iPad apps for subscribed customers.  You can now record and track deal activity such as viewing reports, tasks, calls and meetings all from your mobile.  All events are automatically collated to an interest schedule allowing you to streamline the reporting process to landlords.

This is an initial Beta release, allowing you to add and edit activities on the go to existing requirements.  We will add more features early next year to fully manage requirements.


  • Download Realla from the Itunes app store
  • Sign in to the app
  • Click on "Disposals"
  • Pick a disposal with an existing interest schedule
  • Scroll down to "Instruction management" and click the schedule
  • Swipe left / right to view each status in the schedule (Enquiry / viewing etc)
  • Click into a requirement to view the related activity
  • Click the "+" icon to add a new activity

For any tips, queries or questions:

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