How to attract the right kind of online leads to your Commercial Property Agency

Creating buzz around your property listing isn’t about trying to get everyone to see your listing, it’s about getting the right kind of people to see it.

Who are these people? They’re your customers. They’re your ideal prospects. They’re the audience with commercial property requirements most closely matched to your listing .

If you can keep your potential tenants in mind when creating your listing, then you’ll be more likely to attract them as visitors.

Using your data and local market know-how will help you convert them into leads that you can nurture, before closing them as tenants

Outbound Marketing

Most Commercial Real Estate businesses still rely primarily on the old “Outbound Marketing” strategy that disrupts or imposes on prospects to get a message across.

Recipients are either agents, clients of the business or potential tenants who have signed up for updates.

Most critical to understand is that your outbound contact list contains almost all of your best possible leads. If you get a click-through, or better still, a response from a campaign to this audience, this is a beautiful thing - and is likely to be followed by a viewing.

Other types of outbound marketing are tricky to target, easy to ignore, and difficult to measure - such as unsolicited emails, printed magazine adverts, event sponsorship and tele-marketing.

These are about pushing your listing on prospects even when they’re not interested. However, as you know, we’ve all found ways to manage the spam in our lives: from ad- blocking and email spam filters to CallerID. The outbound approach tends to overload your target market and devalue your marketing proposition.

Why not Outbound?

To engage with the world beyond your contact list, a healthy mix of monitored outbound marketing and modern inbound marketing is essential.

Instead of trying to interrupt people, why not encourage a relationship between you and your prospects where they talk about their needs and you listen (and respond!)

Inbound Marketing: a new and more effective way of connecting with online demand

Trust has always been critical to commercial real estate, but never more so than today when customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Tenants and investors will actively research the online marketplace and build up their own interpretation.

To earn this trust, with inbound marketing, you can build a relationship with your customers as prospects. The key thing here is that you listen, tune into customers questions, and respond. For bigger businesses, this means blogging which is highly specific to your business line - not another anonymous corporate missive.

Prospects now expect a more transparent and mutual relationship with CRE agents. Whether you believe the conservative estimates of 30% or the digital marketing evangelists’ 69%, more and more of the buyer journey is going online before consumers make contact with traditional consultants. The more you can be present during that period, the more likely you are to be the port of call when they decide to engage. Inbound marketing helps form that relationship through blogs, chat, LinkedIn, online portals, Twitter and other social media.

By establishing relationships with growing trust you build a platform for acquiring customers and closing sales.

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