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Realla Success Stories – Robert Irving Burns

How Robert Irving Burns are leveraging technology to have an outsized impact on the market

Long established as one of the leading commercial and residential property agents in Central London, Robert Irving Burns knew that their business was changing. To stay ahead of their competition and continue to grow their business in a competitive market, they realised that they needed a new way to support their team in commercial deal management and marketing.

Servicing a volume of around 100 letting instructions at any one time requires minimal duplication of work, maximum streamlining and a reliable flow of inbound leads. After carefully assessing the options in the market, Elliot Simmons, Head of Commercial Leasing at RIB, chose Realla.

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RIB use Realla to automatically match enquiries to their portfolio of disposals, ensuring that across their 100 active campaigns, they never miss a requirement. They know who’s clicking through on their email campaigns, so they generate qualified leads through intelligent, efficient follow-ups. They also track spend across all marketing channels through lead classification and tracking. As an “early adopter” of modern digital marketing for commercial real estate, they are now reaping the rewards.

By implementing Realla, RIB is now able to track and categorise every inbound lead, be it from offline or online sources. Where leads are not actioned in time, Elliot has been known to pass them to other team members to keep his agents on their toes. By digitising and tracking all activity, he is able to assess his team’s individual performance by lead generation and conversion rates.

Realla has also enabled Robert Irving Burns to change the way it looks at analytics. This helps Elliot assess how and whether they should expand the business through more resource and spend in a given segment.

As Elliot says, quite simply “Realla has been invaluable in helping me assess our strategy and grow our business”. With two team members added since signing the Realla contract last summer, we are looking forward to seeing our partnership with RIB grow and grow in the coming years.

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