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Extended email tracking on Realla

Realla started with email tracking as an integral part of its suite of marketing tools, allowing commercial property agents to track who opens and clicks through on their email campaigns. Earlier this year, we published our hints for making the most of your digitally tracked email campaign. This methodology is quickly becoming the market standard, with over 250,000 emails landed using the Realla suite since January last year.

Agents using Realla can track email campaign success and quickly export pre-qualified target lists for either a refocused email campaign, follow-ups by phone or reporting to their client about the volume of market demand for their building.

One request we heard time and time again from our users was to expand and extend email tracking to Realla’s workflow tools. Specifically, the ability to track opens and clicks on emails sent in response to a requirement.

Going beyond opens and clicks

Now, when agents input requirements, automatically match them to their live disposals and send emails through the platform, they can track whether they have been opened and/or clicked.

This allows agents to better gauge interest in particular disposals and better plan their next response. Ultimately this means that Realla agents waste less time on enquiries which are less likely to progress - and are able to refocus their time on more qualified prospects.



“David Smith (Cushman & Wakefield) is representing a tenant seeking a  10,000 - 15,000 sq ft office in Clerkenwell. We’ve entered their requirement into Realla and now we want to send a trackable email containing suitable disposals I am actively marketing.”

I can now send a trackable email to David with all the disposals I think are suitable for his tenant. I can track opens and clicks i.e has David opened the email, has David clicked on any of the microsite links, and the number of times this email has been opened and clicked.

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With feedback from our users, we are continuing to develop Realla as the turnkey agency software of choice for commercial property agents in the UK.

For further information about our latest feature updates, please click here. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to send an email to support@realla.co.

Written by: Adrian Anandarajah (Customer Support Manager)