Adding new contacts

We have recently made some changes to the contacts picker for disposals in order to improve Realla users’ privacy. What this means in practice is that you can only pick contacts which exist in your team’s contacts book. However, adding contacts is very quick and easy.

You just need to hit "quick add" > "new contact", type their email address and click outside the box. You will then see suggested contacts appear on the right hand side - you just need to hover over the options menu (...) next to the relevant contact and hit "save to contacts”.

If the contact doesn’t appear as a suggested contact, then you can add them manually.

If you have a large list of contacts to add (i.e. more than 10), please send this list in an XLSX or CSV format to and we can upload these for you.

Once you’ve added them, if you then select them as a contact for your disposal and find they are missing any information, please let the Realla support team by emailing, or on the live chat.