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5 easy ways to cut red tape and grow your business - the commercial agency perspective

Feeling the weight of unfinished admin tasks on your shoulders? You’ve probably read countless articles about productivity but somehow can’t quite break the vicious circle of getting any more done in a day.

Often the problem doesn’t lie with your productivity management but can be attributed to a lack of technical infrastructure to support your efforts. The right tools can improve your day-to-day productivity and simply make your life easier.

Here are a few tech-enabled hacks that will keep you on top of your work:

1) Generate marketing collateral online

To grow your business, you need to close more deals. It’s as simple as that. Marketing is a discipline that, in theory, should generate enough interest for your property. In reality, it’s a balancing act between a go-get-it attitude typical of deal-makers and taking a more calculated approach to marketing.

With modern technology and marketing automation, you can streamline the process of creating marketing materials like PDF brochures, microsites, email campaigns, and portal listings. Instead of spending hours working with external design agencies, you can generate a beautifully designed website, track who’s looking at it and follow up with them on the same day.

Time spent designing and amending marketing campaigns is cut short, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters - closing more deals.

2) Automatically match incoming enquiries with your whole disposal list

There are solutions out there allowing you to match incoming enquiries with your whole disposal list automatically. Doing this manually is at best time-consuming, at worst ineffective. Don’t get us started on the manual methods of gathering disposals matching your tenant client’s requirement. By utilising the automation capabilities of matching software, you concentrate on building a relationship with your tenant or landlord client instead of catching up on admin.

3) Keep all your contacts in one place - never miss an opportunity

Your database of contacts is the go-to place every time you are bringing a new property to the market. Having an extensive centralised database of contacts will help streamline processes around managing your relationship with prospects and clients. A well maintained contact list should be an agent’s pride and joy - it’s crucial to target the right people at the right time. It can be done by organising your client contacts according to their lease events, their business sectors or their current or historic property requirements. It will give you a holistic view of your clients’ and prospects’ organisations. With this knowledge, you could be extremely targeted with your approach and only reach out to prospects with the highest chance of converting.

4) Use digital dashboards and automated interest schedule reports - gain an extra 100 hours a year

Ask any agent dealing with big schemes and institutional landlords, and they will tell you that completing the interest schedule is one of their most hated tasks. It’s extremely time-consuming trying to pulling information from different sources that are not connected. How many times have you furiously gone through your inbox trying to assemble a full email chain to include in the report for a client?

Introducing a centralised and automated reporting system for all your interest schedules will help you save time - up to 2 hours a week. Modern agency software like Realla, when properly used and maintained, allows you to generate automated interest schedule available to share with your client or to download as a spreadsheet.

Plus, comprehensive and accurate marketing reporting is a great source of insights into your clients’ decision making behaviour patterns. Tapping into insights gathered in a centralised interest schedule will help you focus on activities that drive more enquiries from the most effective channels in the future.

5) Set up alerts for lease events - retain more than 90% of your existing clients

With a large number of your clients’ buildings currently let, it’s easy to miss a lease expiry or break option . Winning new business is a hundred times harder than retaining the existing clients. Reaching out to a client at the right time paves the way for a future fee. With automated reminders and alerts, you can start the ball rolling earlier and secure extension of the lease or start a process to move the tenant to a new building.

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