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4 unbeatable benefits of streamlining your marketing activities

As promised, here is the email I sent to good old James - a friend of mine and a CRE agent in London after our pub night.

Don’t be shy, have a peek.


Hi James,

Thanks for a great night out. The pub you picked was great. Thumbs up!

I believe I’ve got a solution to the frustrations you shared with me - it’s RealBase. Let me give you four reasons why this might revolutionise the way you work:

Get to market in under 30 minutes
Sounds like a pipe dream? It doesn’t need to be. With our software, you can generate dedicated microsites for each property in your portfolio. With only a few clicks, you can create and publish beautiful PDF brochures. Plus, you can distribute your marketing material via email, social media and direct feed to major portals like Realla, Zoopla and Rightmove.

Generate enquiries with digital marketing activities
Let’s talks omnichannel! Digital marketing does not stop at emails. It encompasses a wide range of channels including portals, social media, apps and more. With GDPR around the corner, you should scout your options and have a backup plan ready. Plus, additional channels will extend your portfolio exposure to a wider network.

Track the sources of your enquiries
It’s a great feeling when you can start promoting your new disposal almost immediately. It’s even better if you know exactly where your enquiries come from and which marketing channels drive interest. You’ll have an ability to make data-driven decisions by utilising your historical data to plan future marketing activities.

Generate reports within minutes
Are you filled with dread when it’s time to pull a report for your client? It shouldn’t be that way. With RealBase, it will take you only a few clicks to generate professional-looking reports. You will be able to monitor marketing campaigns in real time and share outcomes with your team and clients instantly.

How about we meet up for lunch and chat about how we can get you up to speed with the modern world? Ping over your availability and we will set a date.




If this email to my dear friend James picked your interest, you could schedule a demo to see the full range of RealBase capabilities here.