4 tips for creating the most compelling instructions.

Realla has the largest index of commercial property in the UK. With over 2 billion SQ FT of commercial property, there are lots of other instructions out there to compete with. Making your instruction stand out from the competition is important.

If you want to attract tenants and close more deals, create compelling instructions. 

For Realla customers - click this link to find out how to make the most of your marketing tools to create the best possible instructions (as seen above).

Certain pieces of information are essential to include if you want to get the best visual impact from an instruction:

Use high-resolution photos

Potential customers will narrow their search by filtering commercial property by price, location or other filters. However, this still could return thousands of search results. Realistically, someone looking for office space is not going to look at 500 results and all the detail that comes with them. In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever and we no longer have time to digest large volumes of data - In the digital world, good quality photos are vital to catch someone's eye.

Use a strap-line

A strapline is a great way to show the USP of the commercial property. See this great example listed by Farebrother for a commercial property in Covent Garden.

Include as much property detail as possible

A good description with clear and precise copy will bring the photos and building to life. Highlight the main features and key attractions of the commercial property and add as much information to the property as possible without waffling.

Clearly show the location

Add as much information about the property location as possible and include information about the local area. Below is a microsite created with Realla marketing tools, it shows the address,  location, street view and property outline.


If you do the above, you will have the basis of a good microsite, PDF brochure & e-mail which you can then continue building on. Below is a real example of how an instruction should be put together - created with Realla marketing tools.

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